Kidnap Sleepover


One of the fondest memories (this writer) has of being a Girl Scout was when troop leaders picked us up from our home, unexpectedly, and took us for an overnight.  Our parents all knew it was happening so, the leader showed up to the door, parents handed you and your bags to her and off you went!!  So, we thought, since our Cadette troop is only 8 girls….for now…we could easily do this, too!!


To make it especially fun, we picked the girls up in a limo.  They were all surprised and giddy, most having never been in a limo.

IMG_8869 IMG_8873

IMG_8874 IMG_8876

IMG_8877 IMG_8878


IMG_8885 IMG_8887

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We meet on Thursday afternoons, immediately after school.  Some of the badges in the Cadette level aren’t conducive to this time and our meeting location so we opted to work on two such badges during our overnight.  We worked on a cooking badge, New Cuisine, and a nighttime activity badge, Night Owl.

For our New Cuisine badge, we had every family share a family recipe (easy enough for a 6th grader to cook) and we planned our meals around these recipes.  Everyone got to try something everyone else’s family loves!  For our regional US favorite we made frozen custard from scratch and it was SOOOO delicious!




Additionally, to fulfill some of the other requirements, we made tortillas from scratch for our breakfast burritos and discussed the difference between homemade – 5 ingredients, and store bought – 43 ingredients (many of which we had no clue what they were!)


We printed copies of all recipes shared and made and gave each girl their own cookbook to take home.

For our Night Owl badge, we had to participate in several evening activities.  We were very fortunate to have a few members of the Western Colorado Astronomy Club meet us on our school athletic field.  They brought some amazingly cool telescopes and showed us a plethora of awesome things in the night sky.  We got to see Saturn and its rings, a nebula, several star clusters, blue and red stars and even  the Andromeda galaxy, which is outside the Milky Way.


While still on our campus, in the dark, co-leader H set up a flashlight scavenger hunt around the school.  After answering a riddle-clue, the girls found their way to a location where they each earned a bead.  Several clues and several beads – When the scavenger hunt was completed their beads were strung together into a troop necklace!  VERY COOL!



A fun time was had by all!







As we are still technically a combined troop, sharing our meeting time and some all-troop activities, with our sister troop 12214….we did our annual Investiture ceremony with them this year as well.

You can read all about it here and see some more really beautiful photos!

DSC05337 DSC05336

B & K finish Bronze (Junior) Award


After seeing a need in their school community, these two (then) Juniors decided to work towards their Bronze Award by ensuring that students have access to recycling opportunities, especially for plastic.

IMG_1088  IMG_1510

They did a ton of research, including touring and interviewing a staff member at our local recycling center.

IMG_8959 IMG_9572

Once they knew which product they were going to purchase, they had to solicit funds to purchase the bins.  They decided on 4, so they could have a bin in every location students would dispose of waste.  Their bins are planned for the cafeteria, gym and both playgrounds.


Make sure you watch their final presentation here.

Special thanks to everyone who supported them in this endeavor, including:

Alpine Tree Service
Café Sol
Cardamon Family Vineyards
Curbside Recycling
Superior Alarm


Something to note, while doing their research they also discovered the school was using Styrofoam in the cafeteria and convinced them to change to a washable, reusable product.

We are very proud of B & K!!  GREAT JOB, girls!!!

Leaders in Action (LIA)

As one step towards earning their Leader in Action (LIA) badge, an additional badge the girls can earn with their MEdia Journey, our Cadettes worked with their Brownies sisters from Troop 2214 at their last meeting.

The Brownies are working on their World of Girls Journey and had to play some games from other countries as a way to experience what children their age might be doing outside the United States.  We “travelled” to Zambia and Italy for a really fun time!

Here the girls had to make their way, in a snake like pattern, through a circuit of cones.  One time through on their backsides and one time through with their arms linked.  It was quite entertaining to watch but great to see how they worked together as a team to make it all work.





It was equally enjoyable to watch them play this silly game from Italy, where they had to use a “wet handkerchief” to get their friends to laugh.  At which point the laughing girl had to go into the middle and subject herself to a silly task decided on by her sister scouts.

IMG_7875 IMG_7999

The Cadettes will participate with the Brownies on 3 more occasions before they have completed this badge.  Should be a great time!

First Meeting as Cadettes!!


We had our first meeting as “older” girls last week!  After spending a chunk of time getting back into the groove, laying out the rules and getting reacquainted, we spent the rest of our meeting working on a fun craft as a way to kick off our year “in style”.

Abiding by the Girl Scout Law we used our resources wisely by reusing old magazines to make beads out of paper which will be turned into bracelets.  Once the unending supply of modge-podge dries we will be sure to share our stylish creations!

If our calendar of events is anything by which to judge, the year is looking to be super fantastic.  We can’t wait!