More “costs” of the image myth


This week we worked a little more on the “costs” of the image myth.  We broke out into the same teams as last week and handed out their filled in “bodies”.  This time we asked them to discuss what the costs are to our communities, rather than just ourselves.  What impact does the image myth have on our school community, our extra-curricular activities comminuty, our town community, etc.

Examples – lack of focus, peer pressure, bullying, high health premiums (more surgeries, higher insurance, higher malpractice, etc), environmental impacts such as the waste from beauty product packaging, for example.


Again the conversation was really amazing.  It was especially poignant when the same girl who, just last week, said “you can’t be TOO thin” said she had gone home and actually followed up on our suggestion to do some research on eating disorders.  When she saw photos, in the safety of her own home, of girls with anorexia she said it was “sad”, “gross”.  It is out hope this impacts her in a positive way!


The fact that the girls are really GETTING the difference between what society is “expecting” of them and being comfortable in their own skin, is truly inspiring to witness!


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