Women-owned* MEdia tour


The girls have completed their MEdia Journey after several weeks of discussion about how stories are told everywhere and in all kinds of formats, including in print media.  So, we decided to take a field trip allowing them to see some of it in action.

We have a gorgeous local publication in Grand Valley Magazine, whose editorial mission, “is to celebrate the dynamic life, landscape, and people of the greater Grand Valley of Western Colorado.”  Which, it most definitely does!  It is a showcase of local talent, including award-winning writers, photographers, illustrators, and  even filmmakers!  Also, as an added-bonus for us,  it is *majority women owned!  What a great inspiration for our young ladies!


We were fortunate enough to have some time to sit with Grand Valley Magazine’s Art Director, Kitty Nicholason, during a recent meeting.

The magazine was 5 days from going to print, so we got a real-time example of what it takes to get a spread ready for print.  The girls were given an overview of the process and got to “design” a little, too!


GV2   GV5

One of the most poignant facts about this journey was it helped the girls think about who is responsible for telling all the stories they see around them and how they, themselves, can use their story to help “re-make” the forms of media they see around them.  Kitty showed the girls how easy (and surprisingly quick, as we were there only about an hour!) it is to “re-make” a photo, if you have the right tools.  She let them each choose an effect/process/etc to turn a perfectly “simple” (in the opinion of a 6th grader….mind you, they felt Gollum, the “my precious” character from The Hobbit movies, needed flowing hair and a crown!!)photo into something spectacular.


While the process was really entertaining, it was also an extremely excellent way to show the girls just how seeing shouldn’t always be believing.  It brought to life all the discussions we have had during this journey, as well as during our self-esteem discussions, about how they should try to look deeper.

The girls did talk with Kitty about how she uses tools, such as commonly-recognized Photoshop, to change photos and were very happy to note that, as a personal rule, Kitty doesn’t like to enhance a photo (especially of people) to the point where it is no longer recognizable.  It makes us happy to know, the beauty and quality we are getting in Grand Valley Magazine is a responsible reflection of all we are trying to teach our girls!


Cadette Leadership Award

  • Monitor AwardCadettes have taken stock of media in their world and the influence it has
  • Influence AwardCadettes understand the importance of having media reflect the realities of their world
  • Cultivate AwardCadettes have made a personal commitment to cultivate a new perspective on media

Leadership Awards are ready to be sewn onto their uniforms!  Great job girls!!! SUPER SPECIAL thanks to Kitty for her inspiration…the girls learned a lot and had a great time!


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