It’s COOKIE time!!!


In a few days time, Girl Scouts in Colorado will be selling cookies!  One of our Cadettes and her sister, from Troop 2214, are trained Cookie Media Stars.  This means when a local news outlet would like to interview someone regarding cookies, when they contact Girl Scouts of Colorado Public Relations, these girls might get a call to appear on the news, or do a radio interview.  With cookie season gearing up, they did just that this morning!

IMG_9507   IMG_9194

Thanks to KREX for allowing our girls to spread the word!  Make sure to click the station link to watch the girls in action!

GREAT JOB girls!!–6LKzs02k_ahSPZN69w


One thought on “It’s COOKIE time!!!

  1. Allison Ellington says:

    I was gushing as if these girls are my own daughters, I am so very proud of the fantastic job these Media Stars did. Way to go ladies!

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