It’s a New Year….Let’s BREATHE

We have this amazing resource in town with the John McConnell Math & Science Center and even better they have a MOBILE unit that will come to you (this is especially great since our troop meets on the weekend)!  So, to kick off our year we thought it would be fun to have the mobile unit come to our meeting space and do a bunch of fun, hands-on activities to help our Cadette troop earn their BREATHE Journey in ONE DAY!  Score!


Breathe is the Cadette stage of the “It’s Your Planet – Love It” journey.  Through this journey the girls get to use all five senses to engage in improving the air quality of the world.  Also, they are encouraged to remember to carve out time to BREATHE in their ever busier lives!

The Aware Award – the girls discussed issues that impact the Earth’s air.  The volunteers from the Math & Science Center were knowledgeable and facilitated interactive discussion with our troop.  We talked about all types of pollution, from cars, to noise, to the impacts of deforestation.

The Alert Award – The girls were given supplies (paper plate, coated with petroleum jelly, on a string to hang)  to create a “trap” for air pollutants and asked to hang one inside their homes and outside.  After an extended period of time, each girl will compare the pollutants trapped on each and determine what is polluting their personal environments.

The Affirm Award – Part of our group discussion was about how the girls can make changes for positive impact.  Examples were, smog checks on vehicles, planting trees, houseplants in our homes

The fun came with the activities the volunteers brought to illustrate the use of the girls’ senses:

They made candles using recycled candle pieces and essential oils that smelled really pretty!

They had discussion about how coloring has become a really popular activity, even among adults, because there are so many benefits to some quiet, personal time.  Coloring helps reduce stress, improve focus and enhance your artistic abilities!  Each girl got two very beautiful coloring pages to assist with their own relaxation and self-reflection


They planted Spring bulbs for germination in pots, that can be replanted just before the Winter frost so they are contributing to better air quality at home, while having something beautiful to look at!

Through these activities the girls have just about completed the journey. Our last step is a Take-Action project that will be completed in parts over the next few months.

A VERY SPECIAL thanks to Makayla and Victoria who came out with the mobile unit, on a Sunday, to work with our girls!


Also, because it was our first meeting, we took our annual troop photo.  These goof-balls sure are growing up to be beautiful women, inside and out!


We sure are looking forward to another SUPER FUN year!


3 thoughts on “It’s a New Year….Let’s BREATHE

    • Good luck with your Netiqutte badge, if you’re a follower of our blog, we did this badge early last troop year and the write up is pretty extensive. It was one of our more amazing experiences and I highly suggest finding ways to meet up with your local law enforcement too!

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