B & K finish Bronze (Junior) Award


After seeing a need in their school community, these two (then) Juniors decided to work towards their Bronze Award by ensuring that students have access to recycling opportunities, especially for plastic.

IMG_1088  IMG_1510

They did a ton of research, including touring and interviewing a staff member at our local recycling center.

IMG_8959 IMG_9572

Once they knew which product they were going to purchase, they had to solicit funds to purchase the bins.  They decided on 4, so they could have a bin in every location students would dispose of waste.  Their bins are planned for the cafeteria, gym and both playgrounds.


Make sure you watch their final presentation here.

Special thanks to everyone who supported them in this endeavor, including:

Alpine Tree Service
Café Sol
Cardamon Family Vineyards
Curbside Recycling
Superior Alarm


Something to note, while doing their research they also discovered the school was using Styrofoam in the cafeteria and convinced them to change to a washable, reusable product.

We are very proud of B & K!!  GREAT JOB, girls!!!