Leaders in Action (LIA)


Our Cadettes have continued to assist their sister troop Brownies along their Brownie journey, in an effort to complete their Leader in Action (LIA) award.  Most recently they helped the Brownies “tell their story” . After a relay race to spell out the Girl Scout Law, with each word of the Girl Scout Law written on a separate card, the Cadettes then helped the Brownies create original stories in the same way.  They played two relay games which required the girls to do a relay race using random words to create their own stories.


The girls did great on this and their stories were very cute and entertaining, but they also learned how difficult it is to create their own story.



Leaders in Action (LIA)

As one step towards earning their Leader in Action (LIA) badge, an additional badge the girls can earn with their MEdia Journey, our Cadettes worked with their Brownies sisters from Troop 2214 at their last meeting.

The Brownies are working on their World of Girls Journey and had to play some games from other countries as a way to experience what children their age might be doing outside the United States.  We “travelled” to Zambia and Italy for a really fun time!

Here the girls had to make their way, in a snake like pattern, through a circuit of cones.  One time through on their backsides and one time through with their arms linked.  It was quite entertaining to watch but great to see how they worked together as a team to make it all work.





It was equally enjoyable to watch them play this silly game from Italy, where they had to use a “wet handkerchief” to get their friends to laugh.  At which point the laughing girl had to go into the middle and subject herself to a silly task decided on by her sister scouts.

IMG_7875 IMG_7999

The Cadettes will participate with the Brownies on 3 more occasions before they have completed this badge.  Should be a great time!