Summer 2015 Day Camp – Photo blast!!

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WOW!  Bet you’re wondering what all this is about, right?!?  Click here to find out!


Bridging to Cadettes

Welcome to Troop 10065 – Five years ago we took on the feat of starting a Girl Scout troop at our school.  We started with 17 Daisies.  The following year, Troop 2214 became a multi-level Daisy/Brownie troop with 38 girls.  We haven’t decreased in size at all and when the oldest of the original members bridged to Cadettes this year, we started a second troop for these girls in order to help accommodate middle school schedules and other activities.

Here are some photos from our Bridging Ceremony.


Our two Junior Aide recipients.  K and B created and ran an all-day Daisy Journey in order to earn this award.





All ready for their Cadette years to begin!